CARBON TURNAROUND together with its Partner company TÜV-SÜD did recently finalize the SDG Assessment for the Austrian company GLORYFY.

CARBON TURNAROUND has a strategic partnership with the German certifier specialist TÜV-SÜD in the field of SDG Assessment for private companies. TÜV-SÜD did develop a sophisticated methodology based on the 17 UN Sustainability Development Goal (SDG) in order to make the sustainability performance of private companies measurable. Recently we could successfully finalize such type of sustainability assessment for the Austrian company GLORYFY, a specialized eyewear manufacturer, who is using a patented special plastic, which results in unbreakable eyewear. Pressure from clients and investors is increasing and GLORYFY contracted CARBON TURNAROUND and the TÜV-SÜD to undertake a in-depth sustainability assessment based on the SDG´s in order to make the sustainability performance of GLORYFY measurable. The TÜV-SÜD methodology allows to cover the full spectrum of sustainability and determines the contribution of companies to reach the global SDG´s. The methodology is completely transparent and verifiable and can therefore avoid unjustified sustainability claims, a common problem of SDG assessments. The results of the SDG assessment shows that GLORYFY is on an excellent track to become a top-runner eyewear manufacturer in terms of sustainability. We hope to repeat this SDG assessment for GLORYFY yearly in order to allow to measure the results of the identified and proposed sustainability actions of the SDG assessment continuously.