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The team from CARBON TURNAROUND is always active to push the global sustainability & decarbonization transformation. We are happy to share with you here some key moments of our mission for a transition towards a sustainable economic system.


CARBON TURNAROUND recently did join the PREVENT Waste Alliance, a global platform to promote circular economy concepts in developing countries.

Carbon Turnaround is continuing to broaden its global network in the circular economy sector. By joining the PREVENT Waste Alliance we are becoming part of a global platform, developed by the German federal government, to link leading actors globally, which are working towards a shared vision, a global economy based on circularity concepts.

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CARBON TURNAROUND recently joined the Low Carbon Business Network (LCBA) for Latin America

We are proud to announce that Carbon Turnaround recently joined the EU financed Low Carbon Business Network for Latin America. This program is aiming to bring together European CleanTech supplier with clients in several Latin American markets like in Colombia, Chile, Argentina and Brazil.

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CARBON TURNAROUND recently joined the GREEN TECH VALLEY, the global #1 cluster for Decarbonization and Circularity solutions.

We are glad to announce that CARBON TURNAROUND recently joined the prestigious GREEN TECH VALLEY, a specialized cluster for CleanTech solutions based in the South of Austria, considered as the number #1 global hotspot for Climate and Circular Solutions. More than 250 companies specialized in Green Technologies are gathered in a geographical very close area. Many of them are market leaders in their particular field in CleanTech.

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CARBON TURNAROUND was invited to write the editorial for the Waste Management & Research Journal – The Journal for a Sustainable Circular Economy –  about Insect Protein and its role for organic waste management 

We are pleased to have been invited by the international Waste Management & Research Journal to present our vision how the insect technology using the Black Soldier Fly can play a meaningful role in the sustainability transformation of our waste sector towards a circularity orientated Bioeconomy.

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CARBON TURNAROUND recently joined the Ellen MacArthur Foundation community, a leading institution to support a global circularity transformation

We are pleased to announce that Carbon Turnaround recently did join the Ellen MacArthur Foundation community, a leading reference in the circular economy sector. By offering a global platform to connect key actors in the Circularity field, by undertaking focused research, training, event organization and lobbying for a circularity transformation, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation is a key player for a global sustainability transformation based on Circularity.

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CARBON TURNAROUND participated at the ISWA webinar “Financing Sustainable Waste management and the Way to a Circular Economy”.

ISWA, the International Solid Waste Association, one of the global entities most active in pushing our economic system towards circularity, did organize an interesting webinar about the role of the circular economy in the EU strategic to become carbon neutral. Circularity is seen as one of the corner stones of the European Green Deal, and will make the EU globally to the leading region in the circularity transformation in its efforts to mitigate Climate Change.

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CARBON TURNAROUND formed a strategic partnership with the Centro de Economia Circular in Colombia to push circularity projects on the Latin American market.

Recently Carbon Turnaround did form a strategic alliance with the consulting company Centro de Economia Circular (CEC), based in Bogotá, Colombia, in order to cooperate closely in the development of circular economy projects in Colombia and other countries in the region. The Centro de Economia Circular is a boutique consulting company specialized in projects which bring their clients from the private and public sector closer to a sustainable circularity based economic system.

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CARBON TURNAROUND in alliance with its Peruvian partners Gaia Recycle and the NGO Prisma was selected by AECID, the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation and Development, to present a detailed project proposal for a first insect protein pilot plant for organic waste management in Peru.

Carbon Turnaround is happy to announce that AECID, the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation and Development did select our proposed insect protein project as worthy to pass the first round in the ongoing selection process for subsidies related to innovation projects aiming to improve the sustainability performance of SME companies in Peru. This selection process is part of the European Union funding programs for sustainable development in developing nations and will identify next month a couple month identify R&D projects for different industrial sectors with high innovative and sustainability impact in Peru.

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