CARBON TURNAROUND participated at the ISWA webinar “Financing Sustainable Waste management and the Way to a Circular Economy”.

ISWA, the International Solid Waste Association, is one of the global entities most active in pushing our economic system towards circularity. It organized an interesting webinar about the role of circular economy in the EU strategy to become carbon-neutral. Circularity is one of the corner stones of the European Green Deal and will make the EU globally to the leading region in the circularity transformation in its efforts to mitigate climate change. CARBON TURNAROUND together with our partner company ecoconsultants joined this very interesting webinar. Hans- Christian Eberl, from the European Commission did highlight the barriers, which have to overcome in order to make circularity orientated business model attractive and how such projects could easier receive financing. Björn Appelqvist from the ISWA STC Chair was talking about the global challenge we face in the waste treatment and that just a tiny fraction of international development investment nowadays goes into projects related to waste management. Do change this, the circular economy sector has to make itself interesting to attract more financial resources by developing viable and profitable business models. Blaine Camilleri from EEB, the European Environmental Bureau, did talk about the extended producer responsibility and eco-modulation of fees, with the aim to start with the application of the circularity concept already upstream in the value chain, in the product design phase, in order to make a real difference in the transformation of our linear consumption model towards circularity.

We are pleased for having been invited by ISWA to this interesting seminar as it completely reflects CARBON TURNAROUND’s vision to transform our economic system towards a net-zero carbon economy by applying the principals of circularity!