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CARBON TURNAROUND offers a broad range of consulting engineering services focusing on the transformation of our economy and society to a net-zero carbon society. Our guiding principle is the concept of circularity: to reshape the determining processes of our economic system towards sustainability. We strive to be the leading sustainability and decarbonization advisor to clients from industry, business and government during this upcoming challenging transformation phase. As specialized consulting engineers, we want to make a substantial contribution to solve the sustainability problems of our clients and to make a real difference in their sustainability transformation process.

This turnaround will influence all spheres of our complex global societies, and it will change how we do business, how we produce our goods and services, and how we organize our living. In order to be really sustainable, such deep transformation must follow a distinctly interdisciplinary and holistic approach combining economic, environmental and social needs.

That’s why our team from CARBON TURNAROUND is composed of experts who cover all relevant aspects leading the turnaround to a sustainable, net-zero carbon future of our society.


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A Sustainable Economy –Serving People and the Planet

The transformation to a net-zero carbon economy will penetrate all spheres of our societies. This fact requires a distinctly interdisciplinary and holistic approach in order to make this transition really sustainable – without undesired collateral damages counterproductive for reaching the goal of a sustainable and fair carbon-emission-free economy. Therefore, CARBON TURNAROUND follows a distinctly interdisciplinary approach, committed to respect economic, environmental and social considerations in a balanced way. Our guiding principle is the concept of circularity as an approach which guarantees a sustainable, future-proof functioning of our economic system.

We believe in aneconomic systembased on circularity.

The sole use of renewable energy instead of fossil energy will not be enough to meet the climate goals set in the Paris Agreement. Meeting these climate goals will make it necessary to tackle also the emissions related to the production, use and disposal of products, and it will also require a reconsideration of our common consumption patterns. A broad paradigm shift towards circularity is needed. Resource efficiency, closed material and product loops as well as low or zero waste – they all contribute to an overall decarbonization of the production system, and this is essential for an integrated sustainability transformation of our economic system.

CARBON TURNAROUND firmly believes in an economic system based on circularity with closed flows of energy, materials and water – in order to avoid inefficiency, to limit environmental pollution and to guarantee an economic system able to handle challenges such as climate change or loss of biodiversity. Such a system helps to create resilient value chains, to maximize resource efficiency, and to boost the innovation of new business models and clean technologies.

Circularity is also the key to decouple economic growth from resource consumption – this is crucial for the decarbonization in developing nations, where economic growth is still strongly interlinked with unsustainable economic strategies based on increased fossil fuel consumption and accelerated resource extraction.

The challenge of this decade:reaching the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)


The concept of circularity is strongly connected with the 17 UN Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs), which act as guiding principles for the global economic development up to 2030. Circularity is the key for reaching these goals such as climate change mitigation, reduction of waste, access to clean energy, sustainable cities or a more responsible consumption and production of products. We at CARBON TURNAROUND aim to support our clients from the private and public sector to make their contribution for reaching these UN SDGs.


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