CARBON TURNAROUND recently joined the Ellen MacArthur Foundation community, a leading institution to support a global circularity transformation

We are pleased to announce that Carbon Turnaround recently did join the Ellen MacArthur Foundation community, a leading reference in the circular economy sector. By offering a global platform to connect key actors in the Circularity field, by undertaking focused research, training, event organization and lobbying for a circularity transformation, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation is a key player for a global sustainability transformation based on Circularity. This will be crucial for a net-zero carbon economy in order to address all sources of green house gas emissions and to allow a net-zero transition without negative rebound effects by excessive mineral exploitation for the required raw material production, which will be required for a real sustainable net-zero transition. We are happy to join this distinguished community of professionals and actors in the field of circularity and are looking forward to a fruitful collaboration with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and its community.