CARBON TURNAROUND recently joined the GREEN TECH VALLEY, the global #1 cluster for Decarbonization and Circularity solutions.

We are glad to announce that CARBON TURNAROUND recently joined the prestigious GREEN TECH VALLEY, a specialized cluster for CleanTech solutions based in the South of Austria, considered as the number #1 global hotspot for Climate and Circular Solutions. More than 250 companies specialized in Green Technologies are gathered in a geographical very close area. Many of them are market leaders in their particular field in CleanTech. This concentration of leading solution providers for the challenges which the transformation of our economic system towards decarbonization and circularity has, is unique on a global scale. The close cooperation of these companies allows to exploit countless synergies in the development of innovative technological solutions in the race to a decarbonized and sustainable economic system. The GREEN TECH VALLEY covers the complete spectrum of CleanTech technologies like renewable energies, energy efficiency, energy storage, sustainable mobility, circular economy, water & waste management, sustainable building as well as digital solutions.  Additionally, the cluster comprises leading universities and research institutes in the field of sustainability and decarbonization.

Please check out the webpage of the Green Tech Valley:


CARBON TURNAROUND is very pleased to be part of this group of companies and will leverage as much as possible on the know-how and innovative solutions available in this global leading cluster of CleanTech solutions.