CARBON TURNAROUND formed a strategic partnership with the Centro de Economia Circular in Colombia to push circularity projects on the Latin American market.

Recently CARBON TURNAROUND formed a strategic alliance with the consulting company Centro de Economía Circular (CEC), based in Bogotá, Colombia, in order to cooperate closely in the development of circular economy projects in Colombia and other countries in the region. The Centro de Economia Circular is a boutique consulting company specialized in projects which bring their clients from the private and public sector closer to a sustainable circularity-based economic system.
The cooperation between CARBON TURNAROUND and CEC fits perfectly to the Colombian government strategy to become a regional leader in sustainable development and bioeconomy, as described in the government report about the National Strategy for the Development of the Bioeconomy.

The focus of our cooperation will be on circular economy projects in the agro-industrial sector, for example, insect protein projects for organic waste management, and will also cover other climate change relevant projects such as waste recycling or biochar projects for carbon sequestration in soils. CARBON TURNAROUND is looking forward to having a prosperous cooperation with CEC in Colombia and other countries in Latin America.