Market study and business model evaluation for the utility solar project developer Activ Solar for the Chilean market

In 2013, Herwig was assigned by the international photovoltaic project developer Activ Solar to deliver a market study about the Chilean solar market. Activ Solar was looking for new markets due to the difficult situation on the European photovoltaic market. Together with the client, Herwig made an analysis of different business models on the Chilean solar market. At that time, the Chilean photovoltaic market was among the fastest-growing solar markets worldwide, with new market players entering from all parts of the world and aiming to participate in the Chilean solar boom. To persist on this extremely competitive solar market, innovative business models for the sale of solar electricity were essential. Herwig delivered a detailed market study for Activ Solar about the functioning of the Chilean electricity market, tariff structure, PPA conditions for electricity sale to the Chilean mining industry as well as about legal requirements for project development and environmental impact assessment studies. This report was used by Activ Solar for its new business development analysis and decisions making.