CARBON TURNAROUND recently finalized a market study about the identification of suitable techno-economic usage options of biochar for carbon sequestration for its business partner ECOCONSULTANTS

Biochar is seen as the only technically and economically already mature solution for large scale carbon sequestration. The biochar industry is considered right now on the starting point of a long-lasting boom in order to make a contribution to reduce the CO2 concentration in our atmosphere. To guarantee profitable biochar projects the design of appropriate business models, considering the usage of the produced biochar in a way with the highest added value, is key.
Biochar is a very versatile and valuable resource, which in contrast to CCS (Carbon Capture & Storage) solutions, which are favoured by the fossil industries, will play a key role in the transition towards a bioeconomy based on circularity concepts.
CARBON TURNAROUND was invited by its partner company ECOCONSULTANTS to do an in-depth market study about the possible use options for biochar considering process parameters of the pyrolysis process, used organic feedstock and the final use of the biochar product. This study is considering all market-ready usage options starting from traditional use of biochar as soil amendment and other applications in the agricultural sector, use as energy carrier, its use in industrial processes like cement production or green steel production, its use as environmental absorber for soil, water and air decontamination up to recently evolving high-tech usages like its use as resource for the production of composite materials, building materials and for energy storage application.
This market study was done as part of a broader research project, which was undertaken by one of the leading universities in waste management and circularity in Austria. We are happy for being part of this interesting and pathbreaking research project which hopefully will make a meaningful contribution to the growing biochar industry!

CARBON TURNAROUND was selected by Sonnenerde GmbH as independent 3rd party verifier for a technical due diligence of its biochar-based carbon removal technology

CARBON TURNAROUND undertook in January 2022 a technical verification process of the innovative project proposal based on Biochar, which was developed by Sonnenerde GmbH. This technology proposal was presented at an international competition with the aim to award the most cost efficient and environmental sound project proposal for the sequestration of atmospheric or oceanic carbon dioxide for climate mitigation.
Since 2012 Sonnenerde GmbH is one of the first European companies to produce biochar as soil amendment with an advanced pyrolysis production plant. Based on the vast technological and operational experience gained in the last 10 years in its operating biochar facility Sonnenerde did develop an improved biochar production plant, which will be constructed in 2023 adjacent to the existing facility. This new biochar plant will leverage on the identified shortcomings of the existing plant in order to guarantee an innovative design which will be extremely energy efficient. Besides improved economics for the production of biochar and compost the new over-all plant concept in addition will allow for negative carbon-sequestration costs and thereby greenhouse gas abatement based on a profitable business case.
CARBON TURNAROUND did execute an independent 3rd party verification of the project proposal. This verification process included a detailed technical analysis regarding the technological feasibility of the proposed biochar production facility based on operational performance, the Process Flow Diagram and process descriptions presented as well as a verification of assumptions for carbon sequestration calculations, mass- and energy balance and system boundaries.
We are grateful for Sonnenerde´s confidence in CARBON TURNAROUND´s technical capabilities to act as an independent 3rd party verifier. We wish the team from Sonnenerde all the best to proceed in this ground-breaking competition!