CARBON TURNAROUND and Christof Global Impact in alliance with KfW DEG are undertaking a feasibility study in the Peruvian Amazon region for organic waste management based on the BSF technology

Financed by KfW DEG CARBON TURNAROUND and its technology partner Christof Global Impact is undertaking a comprehensive feasibility study about how the BSF insect technology could be implemented in the Peruvian Amazon region as a technology alternative for the treatment of organic waste. The region have serious challenges to supply local aquaculture producers with fish feed at reasonable prices. To link organic waste management with the treatment of organic waste seems to be a perfect fit to solve several environmental and development problems at the same time. This project did start in Sept. 2022 and will last until July 2023. The aim is to develop a feasible concept how the BSF technology can be implemented in this remote region of Peru in order to reduce methane emission from landfilled organic waste and produce a high quality protein product to supply to local aquaculture producers. The lack of fish feed is the most important bottle neck for the development of this local fish industry. Overfishing and contamination of rivers make local and sustainable aquaculture to a suitable solution to improve the food supply in this waste region.
The project result will be a blueprint for other tropical regions worldwide where organic waste management can be link with the production of locally needed fish or animal feed.