CARBON TURNAROUND and its partners Ambire Global and Grupo GEA are working on a concept study for alternative waste management for the city of Lima.

This project is financed by the Climate and Clean Air Coalition (CCAC) and is aiming to develop a feasible concept how the BSF insect technology can be implemented in the city of Lima, Peru, as an alternative organic waste management solution. Megacities in the Global South are lacking profitable solutions for the organic waste management. In most of these countries organic waste is landfilled at high environmental costs, like methane emissions polluting the atmosphere and leakage polluting rivers and ground water.
CARBON TURNAROUND in cooperation with its partner company Ambire Global and its local Peruvian Partner Grupo GEA did present CCAC for its call for proposals for the reduction of short living Greenhouse Gases a project aiming to develop a concept which allows the valorisation of organic waste by transforming it in insect protein which is used for animal feed.
CARBON TURNAROUND ´s technology partner the Austrian company Christof Global Impact will contribute to this project with its extensive experience in the design and implementation of large-scale BSF insect farms. Christof Global Impact is a leading provider of solutions for waste valorisation supporting an economic system based on circularity.
The production of high value-added insect protein allows to change perception to see organic waste as a resource rather than a waste stream. This is key for a transition of our economic systems towards circularity. The treatment of organic waste by using the BSF technology should be therefore the preferred options for organic waste treatment, due to the high added value of its final products. After finalizing this concept study we aim to install a small scale pilot in Lima in close cooperation with local municipalities. The developed solution will be used as a blueprint for other megacities in the Global South with similar challenges with organic waste management.