CARBON TURNAROUND recently was selected by the UK government Climate Finance Accelerator Program to receive support for its BSF insect protein project in Lima/Peru.

We are proud to announce that CARBON TURNAROUND recently was selected by the UK government program CFA (Climate Finance Accelerator) as one of 6 projects in Peru with a high decarbonization and sustainability impact supporting the climate mitigation NDC obligations of Peru. Our project consists in the development of a large-scale industrial plant for the treatment of organic waste by using the Black Soldier Fly (BSF) technology and transforming the organic waste in insect protein and insect oil for the local animal feed industry and the frass product, a high value organic fertilizer. This project is a ground-breaking alternative to the current organic waste treatment, which consists in poorly managed landfills with a high environmental burden, as these are methane emissions, ground water contamination and the loss of valuable nutrients. The BSF insect plant is developed together with our Austrian industrial partner Christof Industries, a leading engineering and plant construction company in the field of circularity, and our local partner in Peru Grupo GEA. The underlying business model allows a profitable organic waste management alternative enabling to see organic waste as a valuable resource rather than waste. Such business models are key for developing nations with an urgent necessity to improve waste management and promote circular economy. The value-added of the output products is much higher than for traditional organic waste treatment technologies, as composting or biogas, what allows a game-changing alternative to incumbent technologies.
We are glad to be one of the selected projects and are pleased to cooperate with CFA to make our project to a huge success and a model for other mega-cities around the globe with similar organic waste management challenges!